Your tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle on the road. It is very impotent that you check your tyres regularly and change them when required. Regular pressure checks should be done.

Lilac Grove Autocentre can supply and fit a wide range of tyres to your vehicle. We can supply anything from premium tyres including Michelin, Pirelli, Continental and also mid range such as Avon and Firestone to a low cost budget tyre depending on your needs and requirements.

For safety you should check your vehicle tyres at least once a month. Look for signs of damage and uneven wear to the side walls as well as the main surface.

Wheel Balancing

Information to follow.

Wheel Alignment

Incorrectly aligned wheels result in rapid tyre wear and even affects the handling and safety of your vehicle.

Wheel alignment can be affected by mounting the kerb, hitting large potholes in the road or travelling regularly on gravel roads.

Correctly aligned wheels will not only prolong the life of your tyre and ensure a smoother ride. It will also improve fuel economy, better handling and a safer vehicle.


The Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) is a leading automotive trade body in the UK.

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